“In the Studio: Stuart Vevers of Coach” is a video that follows Stuart Vevers, creative director at Coach, through a day and talks about his new workspace in Hudson Yards.  Overall, this video used sequencing, editing and shot composition well to make a successful video, though it could be better in terms of sounds.

The sequencing of this video created a flow that told Vevers’ story very well.  The video began with shots of New York accompanied by Vevers discussing where he lives and how he gets to work.  This makes sense sequentially because it’s the beginning of the video and it begins with Vevers beginning his day.  Then, the video moves to Vevers’ day at work, starting with him entering the office, then continuing following him throughout his daily tasks.  The video ends with Vevers looking into the future of Coach.  This follows a very chronological arch, and the order makes sense sequentially.  The way in which this order was set up makes sense and the sequence is part of what makes this video so successful.

This video is very well edited and the shot composition is varied.  The video had smooth cuts from shot to shot, especially the B-Roll shots.  The B-Roll that is played with the interview makes sense with what is being said.  As for shot composition, there is a lot of variety.  There are wide shots, especially wide shots of the city.  One of my favorite wide shots is the shot of Vevers walking to work at 0:11.  This shot gives an idea of Vevers: his work attire and how he gets to work, and it also gives an idea of his environment.  There are also many closeups; there are closeups of products, labels and people working on the products.  There are many shots in between these wide shots and closeups, all varying and aiding in telling this story.  The lighting is also very good throughout the video.  This gives it a very upbeat feeling, which is helps to convey the message of the video and makes it such a good video.

Overall, this is a very successful video.  The one thing that could be improved is the sound.  There could be more natural sounds.  There is, of course, the interview, however background music was added to parts of the video.  The video could be more powerful if it had natural sounds: the sounds of people on the street as Vevers walks to work and the sounds of the people working in the building.  These little things could help to improve an already very well put together and successful video.