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4-Year University In-State Tuition Prices Changing

The cost of an education is high in our country right now.  There are an estimated 20.5 million students attending universities in the United States in 2016 and there is currently  an estimated 1.3  trillion dollars of student loan debt in America.  As high school... Continue Reading →


Data Story Critique

The New York Times released a data story comparing “Trump America” and “Clinton America”.  The two maps show the land area won by Trump on the first map and the land area won by Clinton on the second. While the... Continue Reading →

Museum Educator Helps Students Learn Through Art

At the start of the day at the Hofstra University Museum, Nancy Richner is preparing to do a job that she loves: educating students and the community.  Richner is the Museum Education Director at the Hofstra Museum.  She helps to... Continue Reading →

Video Story Critique

“In the Studio: Stuart Vevers of Coach” is a video that follows Stuart Vevers, creative director at Coach, through a day and talks about his new workspace in Hudson Yards.  Overall, this video used sequencing, editing and shot composition well... Continue Reading →

Photo Series Criticism

Photo Series This photo series tells the story of Zachary Tyler Roberts, a man who moved back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania years after his brother shot and killed five young Amish girls, and his experience back with the Amish people.  This... Continue Reading →

“Manterrupting” in the Presidential Debate

View the story ""Manterrupting" in the Presidential Debate" on Storify

Live Tweet of 2016 Emmys

The annual Emmy awards were handed out Sunday, September 18, 2016.  Follow along with me as I live tweeted the Emmys!  

Comparing Candidate’s Stances

With the 2016 election coming closer, our journalism 11 class took time to compare Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on varying issues and stances. Here's where the candidates of the 2016 election stand on gun control: Continue Reading →

Clinton vs. Trump: Gun Control

As the September 26 debate at Hofstra University draws near, and as the election draws closer voters must begin to think about the issues that are most important to the debate and the stances the two candidates have on these stances.... Continue Reading →

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